24 May, 2007


This summer, I intend to:
  • Get something at least faintly resembling a tan in attempt to look healthy for possibly the first time in my life - and to be able to bare my skin next to Dave without feeling and looking like an ivory statue in comparison.
  • Not burn to a crisp while attempting the above.
  • Grow my nails long enough to justify getting an actual manicure. And not bite them afterwards. Ever again. I really am too old to be biting my nails now.
  • Finish my fnucking novel, already. Yes, yes, I know, some people take years or lifetimes to write a novel, and I only started in January. But I'm not a slow writer; I'm just chronically lazy so I need to get over it if I ever hope to write more than one decent thing.
  • Paint. Lots.
  • Sell some designs to art trading companies.
  • Keep Keith (my clinically insane goldfish) alive. This would be easier if he ate the food I put in his bowl, and if he didn't persist in trying to jump out of it all the time.
  • Speak another language to people for no apparent reason, just to confuse them. Heheh.
  • Take lots of pictures.
  • Have a brilliant holiday (although this is guaranteed; there is no way a week's camping in Cornwall could go bad)
  • Start dance lessons, at last! How long have we said we were going to do this for, Benny?
  • Keep up healthy eating - but learn how to make it interesting. There's only so long you can enjoy a diet of cereal, pasta and grilled chicken just because you know it's good for you. Sooner or later you need to actually TASTE something.
  • Start swimming again.
  • Listen to lots of music. Attempt to fill my mp3 player almost exclusively with happy songs.
So... it's going to be a busy summer, what with working full time as well.
I am looking forward to it immensely. Well, I say looking forward to it... I guess it's already started.

Better get on with that novel, then.

Oh, and one more thing:

I'm sure I can fit that in somewhere...

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