08 June, 2007

Dancing Spleen (har har)

Stumble indoors
Realise jumper fell off outside
Fumble with key to get back out
Retrieve jumper
Stumble upstairs
Fall onto bed
Decide to check email
Fall off of bed
Check email
Fall back into bed
Decide to open window
Fall back out of bed
Struggle with window
Decide to write blog.

Hobbit beer garden: awesome.
Drinking games: fun, but only once you've had a few.
Singing back at a guy singing Del Amitri 'Nothing Ever Happens' in the toilets: Funnier than it should have been.
Jesters: oven.
Playing 'I Have Never': Dear Self, please bear in mind before you play this, you have done a lot of stuff, so make sure you have a non-alcoholic drink next time.
Dancing: awesome. Especially when they played ska instead of shitpop.
Stealing someone's cowboy hat: awesome until someone else stole it from me.
Muscles: oww.

Sleep now.

1 comment:

Lucy said...

Nice one! Looking forward to joining in the fun sometime soon :)

And i have an instant advantage...'I have never' is, unsurprisingly, the drinking game in which i stay most sober. Har.