18 June, 2007

Things that get said in our kitchen:

"Abortion cheese." I don't remember why.

I think communication is a really fascinating thing. For instance, even within my house, we have a plethora of methods of communication. Most prominently, our fridge, which is covered in magnetic letters, and those magnetic words you get for poetry or whatever - one of the 'romantic' sets.

The fridge has been used to express a number of sentiments - most notably, for some weeks, "c*nty romantic long gush" (please don't ask - you don't want to know). Recently, though, it became yet another arena for Benny and Darren's ongoing 'smelly' insult war.

This started with Benny writing "Darren smells, from Benny." The other night, I decided to spice things up a bit and swapped the names, so it said "Benny smells, from Darren." Then, a couple of days later it was pointed out that there was a considerable surplus of letters, so I changed it again, so it said "Benny smells like a gay, from Darren." Today, Benny finally discovered this, and changed it to "Darren smells like a wet gay, from Benny."

See? Communication is utterly fascinating.

Also, following a drunken discussion about words which are just funny with no context or explanation, I wrote 'flaps' in the steam on the bathroom mirror. This was instantly discovered and blamed on Ryan, who responded to my gleeful text informing him of these events with "Disgusting! I would at least have drawn a giant cock." Since then, the word 'minge' and more recently the word 'hairy' have been added above my original message. (Note: I do not condone these actions; I simply recount them. Please bear this in mind when deciding whether or not to dump/disown/excommunicate me.)

Also, the other day I withdrew £10 from a cash machine, and someone had written "Hello!" and drawn a little smily face on the note. Which I thought was really sweet. In fact I fully intend to start writing on all my notes - maybe one of them will come back to me, even!

Yes, I'm boring, I know.

Go away.


Cat said...

Ali did that! He didn't have time to get david a game voucher for his bday so he gave him £10 with xbox 360 written on it (which is what the voucher was for!) and david gave it to them when he got it, then realised he hadn't had his £10 deposit taken off and went back in and got the same £10 back, not totally amazing but we thought it was cool as he got to spend it twice.

I often write hello and :) when I write on notes (ahem... i mean... *cough*), wonder if it was one of mine...

I rarely have £10 though...

It's also illegal but on well. It's nicer to look at a smiley face then the queen.

*I am the queen, I live forever*

Cat said...

Abortion cheese was cos darrens cheese wasnt suitable for pregnant women btw.

woo. one handed typing... the other hand is busy... oh the phone... lol... listening to some shit music on o2's call line.