17 July, 2007


If you are a Harry Potter fan, and you do NOT want to know who dies, and read the epilogue, before the 21st, I would advise you to NOT click on...

this link. The link... of DOOM.

I know who dies. Making me the victor. Aha.

EXCEPT! That the list of people who dies, and some other statements in the main text of the webpage, DO NOT match up to the epilogue... at all. Some bits do though. And to be fair, the photos of the epilogue are more convincing than the text of a website.
I win.



Lucy said...

Mmhmm, and if there weren't blatantly going to be 10 million very convincing webpages about the ending, i'd believe it...but i think i'll reserve judgement until i've read the actual book...

Which, by the way, i thought you were pretending to be entirely uninterested in?

Anonymous said...

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