10 September, 2007

Fish love

Ok, so... my two fish are getting on pretty well. I keep checking on them, to make sure they aren't killing each other, and I keep finding them snuggled up with each other in a corner (if a round tank can be said to have corners... which of course it can't...) as happy as can be.
Which is a relief, but also, I hope they don't have babies, because they tend to eat them, and that's not very nice. And much as I may enjoy keeping fish, I really don't intend to set up some kind of breeding factory in my bedroom. That's just kind of creepy.


Cat said...

... if they have to watch you and David do it I think it only fair that you should have to watch them do it! hehehe. Hope your first day went ok!?

Cat said...

I meant Dave... so used to typing David. Lol.

Anonymous said...

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