30 August, 2007

Catherine says hello. She is in my bed watching Dylan Moran.

Did you know that there are still people in this world who trust Microsoft Word's grammar check over their own knowledge of the English language - and, more importantly, over MY knowledge of the English language? I am a writer, after all, I think I deserve a little credibility here.

Also, camping. Is awesome. Just so you know. I have some very interesting tan lines (on my thumb) and some even more interesting burn lines (in random shapes on my back and stomach). I have a lot of bags full of sand.
However! Camping holidays DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT, benefit from a phone call half way through saying you've lost your job.
Now, I'm well aware that it is incredibly bad form to talk about your work on the internet nowadays, but considering I'm a temp, and rarely enjoy my work (prospective employers: do you really think your own employees enjoy their jobs? oh please) because, by definition, I am utterly replaceable and disposable, I'm not particularly worried about getting - as the kids say - Dooced.
But I will say that I'm fairly disappointed to have found a job I actually liked, in a field I considered myself incredibly lucky to have got a chance to gain experience in, and to then have been demoted to receptionist and PA level and be utterly ignored by people who had in the past valued my opinion and knowledge, and to THEN be told, with no notice, whilst on holiday, that I wasn't needed at all, was a little upsetting. And to then be told to hand my key in at the agency and collect my various bits of desk litter from the agency, instead of going in myself, and picking it up and saying thank you and goodbye graciously - as, I might add, I would have done - was adding insult to injury, somewhat. But then, I have always known that in being a temp you have to make certain sacrifices. Such as your self-respect, and your worth as a human being.
You know, little things.

In other news, though, application for university looms, and I could not be more excited. I have passed the 20,000 word mark on my book, and have begun to seriously think about how to go about getting an agent, etc. I got a new haircut, and am happy with it, and am considering getting more stuff done to it. I am sleeping in the most comfortable bed I have ever experienced.

So, apart from the whole job frustration (which I suspect is just a feature of life in general), and the INCREDIBLY disturbing dream I had last night about ghosts using mirrors and other reflective surfaces to harm the living... it's all good.


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Cat said...

You have a new haircut? Oooh! I don't notice enough stuff.


Benny x.