11 April, 2007


It is 2am. AGAIN. The 2am's just keep coming at me! God damn it.

In case anyone (Lucy, so far my only reader) cared, I did find my phone charger, I did hear from my agency, and I did get a job. Which means - and I haven't decided if I'm happy about this or not yet - that I will not spend the next two weeks sitting around on the internet in my pyjamas eating toast, or cereal out of the box, watching comedy clips on YouTube and determinedly not tidying my room.

I am thinking about going to University next year. I say 'thinking about' because I have rent, food and meaningless miscellaneous expenses to consider, and I don't want to have £20,000 of debt by the time I'm twenty three. Just doesn't seem like fun. On the other hand, though, where can you honestly get in the world without a university qualification? Unfortunately, from what I can tell, not very far. Besides, I think it would be fun. I'm not sure what a university course in writing can teach you if you already consider yourself a writer - surely the act of writing makes you a writer? - but I'll never find out if I don't try it, I guess.

In other news, I have mixed feelings about the film Crash. My first feeling is: yes, it's a brilliant film, well done, blah blah. My second feeling is: my god that was a depressing two hours. Was there anything uplifting about that film? Anything at all? The little girl didn't die. That's the only happy thought I took away from it.
Of course, I am well aware that it was not supposed to be an uplifting film, it is supposed to be a film about racism, that makes us stop and think wow, maybe I am also kind of a dick sometimes for really bad reasons. (Obviously it didn't make me think that, because I am not kind of a dick sometimes for really bad reasons. I mean, I am kind of a dick sometimes, but for good reasons. Or so I like to think.)
But still. I have had to watch a SERIOUS amount of YouTube comedy to cheer myself up.

Oh, and also? The moral of the story (well, the bit about Sandra Bullock's character) is: CARPETS ARE GOOD FOR YOU. Who lacquers their staircase? Assmonkey.


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Lucy said...

It's ok...tonight we shall be provided with wine (i think) and if you're anything like me you will therefore happily fall asleep soon afterwards. We can only try.

I haven't seen Crash but i guess now i have learnt the vital carpet lesson i don't really need to.