10 April, 2007

The morning after.

For anyone who was wondering (Lucy), no, I did not manage to do any of them. Actually I read about one more page of Man Walks Into a Room, but that was it. It was good though. You should read it.


So, what does today hold in store. Well, I need to find my phone charger, which has mysteriously gone missing, because if my agency should happen to call me today they will not be able to get through on my mobile and they don't have the correct home phone number any more. And considering how badly I need the money now, that's not good. I could always just phone them and inform them of my new home number, but that would be far too sensible, I fear.

So, I'm going to tidy my room, pluck my eyebrows, read my book, write my book, call my agency, maybe hoover...

Or I could play with openCanvas 4.5.07, because I just downloaded the trial version and can't resist.

I suck.

(I did take a break to tidy my bed, though. And I think that's something to be proud of.)

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