21 October, 2007

Linking is illegal.

Christ knows what kind of laws I break every day if linking is illegal. I probably break laws in my sleep! I should be locked up. And the key thrown away! Perhaps we should all just kill ourselves and have done with it, eh?

The thing I don't get about taking down TV links, is that TV IS FREE ANYWAY. NOBODY IS LOSING ANY MONEY. I'm pretty sure people still have a TV, you know? It's not like millions of dollars are being lost because people are no longer buying TV sets. I'm pretty sure people haven't stopped paying their TV licence because of TV links. People need to start being sensible about the internet, really. Yes, unsavoury stuff is going to happen. Stuff that might be slightly irksome to people who have spent a lot of time and money and effort on ensuring that their product does not get abused. But also, we have to understand that sometimes, nothing is actually being lost, and although it might sting, no real damage is being done. Rapists can get out of jail in three years, but people get locked away for six for copyright infringement. Ridiculous? Of course not! Copyright is a very serious matter, dignity and humanity and all that bollocks isn't worth a shite, just let the rapists and the murderers and the paedophiles run free, it's fine. But make sure people aren't watching House on their laptops instead of their TVs for Christ's sake.

These are dark times we live in, people. Dark times indeed. Why, right now, there are probably well over four people on your street downloading MP3s! But while the rape in the bushes less than ten minutes away gets reported on the news, these bastards get away with it. They don't hear the news reports about the rapist being let free a week later because they've got their earphones in their ears listening to their free music! The audacity of these people is staggering. I'm telling you. They'd kill your grandmother and steal her false teeth if they thought they could sell them on Ebay.

Basically what I'm trying to say here, is: FOR FUCK'S SAKE.


Anonymous said...

Well said

Lucy said...

Oh i miss you.

I couldn't get the TV links the other day to work though - the videos just wouldn't load :(